A Must Have For Success

In a study conducted by Pam A. Mueller and Daniel M. Oppenheimer, it was proven that effective, hand written note taking is the key to success. There is a great deal of students who would much rather store their notes on their computers, saving them space and also eliminating the common problem of misplacing them. However, the problem with typing your notes on a computer is the distraction factor it creates during class and the quality of the notes. Key points spoken by the professor may be missed during a time of distraction and may in turn effect a students final grade.

In order to be a successful university student, one needs to have good study notes and remember what a professor spoke about during a lecture. It is scary to know that one missed statement could be what’s keeping you from graduating university and potentially from the job you’ve always dreamed about. If happiness depends on effective note taking, don’t you want to have the correct tools to help you achieve this?


Being a student with such high set expectations, the only answer to your worries is the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen! This pen does much more than meets the eye. With this gadget, you are not only able to write notes, you are now able to record everything that you write, say and hear. It allows you to record up to 2GB(over 200 hours) of high quality sound, tapping on your notes will save them on the device, and any thing saved while using the device can be exported to your computer with the aid of a USB cable. Once transferred to a computer, you can view and listen to your notes with the click of a button and save them for future reference. The fear of losing notes is eliminated and those key statements will be forever saved.


If you’re thinking “my pen can do most of these things”, you are really missing out. A college student named Max Mendoza uses the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen and he says it has  changed the way he takes notes, and that “using the Echo Smart Pen has added another form of memory”, which is what most of us need when we’re aiming for success. To hear his success story, please visit Livescribe Success Stories.

Let’s think for a moment how life during school will carry on if you chose not to use the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen:

It’s exam time and you’ve realized that your notes from Dr. Galileo’s class 3 weeks ago are missing. You can’t find them any where’s and you can only remember bits and pieces of his lecture. Your first move would be to call a friend, except they are all busy studying and by the sounds of it, they are in worse shape than you are. When writing the exam, you are able to manage but the grade received isn’t up to your standards.

This situation happens all to often to university students, but it can be prevented using the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen. Let’s reconsider the above situation with the use of the Smart Pen:

It’s exam time and you’ve been using your Echo Smart Pen for the entire semester in Dr. liveGalileo’s class. With a quick click of a mouse you are now able to access all your notes and recordings for the entire semester on your computer. During the exam on a testy question, you are the only one in the class to remember the answer because you were able to recall what the professor said during the second lecture! The end grade is the highest in the class and you’ve never been so proud of yourself!

Life is hard enough as it is, so why not make it easier for yourself?

Buying the Livescribe Echo Smart Pen will only have one result and that is SUCCESS!

Just as Mel Irvin has said, “I’ve got a voice recording. I’ve got actual notes. I’ve got everything I need”. Protect your future with this easy approach and see results immediately.

The Livescribe Echo Smart Pen can be purchased on Amazon.ca and also at any Future Shop near you!


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How Has The Intranet Helped Wilson’s Fuel Company?

Not being able to deliver a message and receive a response when you need it at work is frustrating (as we all know). When fax machines aren’t quick enough and a phone call or e-mail isn’t doing the trick, what other services do we have to rely on? Twenty years ago, a

man named Steven Telleen coined the term “intranet” and this technology is used by many organizations to improve their communication. Today I will be focusing on how the intranet has made communication easier at Wilson’s Fuel Company and why they still choose to use this technology today.



After speaking with a Wilson’s gas stop manager, I learned a lot about how the intranet affects their day-to-day communication. Up until approximately 6 years ago, the Wilson’s Fuel Company connected and communicated with their head offices, suppliers and banks by e-mail, telephones and fax machines [Carter, 2014] but these technologies had downfalls that affected the productivity of the organization. These downfalls included anything from miscommunication through e-mail, to fax messages that were sent but never received. They required something that was reliable, would speed up all types of communication and better connect the managers to their everyday needs. The intranet covered all these options and is why the company decided to adopt this technology.

Since the time of adopting this technology, Wilson’s fuel company has been able to increase its productivity and provide easy communication to all levels of employee’s. It has provided them with the ability to allow access to their POS system in the store to IT workers of the company to solve any issues faster than if they had to send a representative to the store. Sending someone to the store not only causes a dilemma for the location that is having POS problems, but it also costs the company money to send IT workers to various places whenever there is an issue.
Another aspect it has helped majorly is the effectiveness of ordering. Once they have an order ready, they can send it through the channels of their intranet to the major companies such as TRA and Imperial. This allows the managers to spend less time on trying to send an order and more time on focusing what they’ve order. When there is a miscommunication in the ordering process, managers are able to receive this information quickly and from there are able to efficiently fix the problem at hand.
Companies are always looking for bigger and better things and Wilson’s Fuel Company hit the nail on the head by choosing to use an intranet. It has solved many communication errors in their workplace and enables them to contact other managers and supervisors with ease. I believe that the intranet helps this company run with fewer complications and provides each location with better customer service. After learning how an intranet has helped better this company so much, as a small business owner or a large corporate company, do you think the use of an intranet would help you to the same degree?


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Special thanks to Sheila Carter (October 3,2014), the manager I spoke with, for providing me with knowledge on how the intranet preforms and affects this company!!

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Media Richness Theory

Have you ever received a text message from your boyfriend/girlfriend stating that “It was fun while it lasted, but I’m breaking up with you”? Reading this message might make you think one of two things- 1. They have got to be joking or 2. How insincere, we’ve been dating for 3 years and they’re going to end it over text? The way we deliver messages is important in human communication, so much so that Richard Daft and Robert Lengel developed a theory called the Media Richness Theory, which I will be discussing today.

The Media Richness Theory describes what medium we should use based on the content we will be sharing. In other words, we must choose the correct way to relay information based on the seriousness of the message. For example, if you were to lose a family member in a car accident, you wouldn’t want to hear about it over an e-mail but rather in a face-to-face conversation.
As proposed by Daft and Lengel, there are four criteria to consider when deciding what method of communication you will be using:
1. Are you able to get instant feedback
2. Do you have the ability to convey multiple communication cues
3. Are you able to communicate non verbally (ie body language, facial expressions)
4. What is the personal intent of the message

Media Richness Theory Diagram

Media Richness Theory Diagram

Based on these criteria we can decide if the message we’re communicating is rich media or lean media- If you are able to meet all four or close to all of these models then your medium is considered to be rich. If you can only demonstrate a few of these models, you’re medium is considered to be lean.

I like this theory because in this century people think that anything can be discussed through SMS or e-mail, when really there are factors to consider. I’ve received one too many texts in the past few years that contained information that should have been transmitted to me in other ways. I think if more people were aware of the criteria to meet when trying to communicate effectively their conversations would be interpreted better. We must connect via richer mediums when the time calls for it and not to take advantage of the “oh so easy” ways of leaner communication to get the message across. However, in some situations we don’t have control over our choice of communication and must resort to a leaner medium. I think that when these situations occur we must adapt the best we can, while still coming up with the most effective way to communicate.

Overall, I think the meaning behind this theory is for people to think about how they want their message to be interpreted and responded too. Communication is a two way process in most situations and we must consider the content of the message before we send it. After learning about this theory, do you think you will change your ways of communication in certain situations?


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