How Has The Intranet Helped Wilson’s Fuel Company?

Not being able to deliver a message and receive a response when you need it at work is frustrating (as we all know). When fax machines aren’t quick enough and a phone call or e-mail isn’t doing the trick, what other services do we have to rely on? Twenty years ago, a

man named Steven Telleen coined the term “intranet” and this technology is used by many organizations to improve their communication. Today I will be focusing on how the intranet has made communication easier at Wilson’s Fuel Company and why they still choose to use this technology today.



After speaking with a Wilson’s gas stop manager, I learned a lot about how the intranet affects their day-to-day communication. Up until approximately 6 years ago, the Wilson’s Fuel Company connected and communicated with their head offices, suppliers and banks by e-mail, telephones and fax machines [Carter, 2014] but these technologies had downfalls that affected the productivity of the organization. These downfalls included anything from miscommunication through e-mail, to fax messages that were sent but never received. They required something that was reliable, would speed up all types of communication and better connect the managers to their everyday needs. The intranet covered all these options and is why the company decided to adopt this technology.

Since the time of adopting this technology, Wilson’s fuel company has been able to increase its productivity and provide easy communication to all levels of employee’s. It has provided them with the ability to allow access to their POS system in the store to IT workers of the company to solve any issues faster than if they had to send a representative to the store. Sending someone to the store not only causes a dilemma for the location that is having POS problems, but it also costs the company money to send IT workers to various places whenever there is an issue.
Another aspect it has helped majorly is the effectiveness of ordering. Once they have an order ready, they can send it through the channels of their intranet to the major companies such as TRA and Imperial. This allows the managers to spend less time on trying to send an order and more time on focusing what they’ve order. When there is a miscommunication in the ordering process, managers are able to receive this information quickly and from there are able to efficiently fix the problem at hand.
Companies are always looking for bigger and better things and Wilson’s Fuel Company hit the nail on the head by choosing to use an intranet. It has solved many communication errors in their workplace and enables them to contact other managers and supervisors with ease. I believe that the intranet helps this company run with fewer complications and provides each location with better customer service. After learning how an intranet has helped better this company so much, as a small business owner or a large corporate company, do you think the use of an intranet would help you to the same degree?


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Special thanks to Sheila Carter (October 3,2014), the manager I spoke with, for providing me with knowledge on how the intranet preforms and affects this company!!

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